Last updated on March 20 2022. If you require further information please call 760 600 9125.

Revision policy

Complications may infrequently occur and be unpredictable after plastic surgery,. With each cosmetic procedure, there are certain situations that can happen statistically regardless of how meticulously the surgery was performed or how careful the doctor and team are. (Ex. Hematoma risk is around 5% after elective surgery). Hospital or outpatient surgery center fees, anesthesia fees, lab work or testing, and implant fees are always the patient’s responsibility. It is our policy as a predetermined courtesy to our patients not to charge a surgeon’s fee for complications or revisional surgery within 12 months from the original surgery date. We do, however, expect the patient to pay whatever other expenses arise as a result of treatment in hospital or outpatient settings. When it comes to revisions, although good results are expected after plastic surgery, guarantees cannot be made regarding your final outcome. Because of factors outside the surgeon’s control, surgical revision may be required. This does not necessarily mean that your surgery was unsuccessful or you would have done better with another surgeon. The reasons for suboptimal results may include the following: • A person’s inherent poor healing ability. For example, they form keloid scars or bad scars, irrespective of the materials and technique used for surgical closure. (DOES NOT REQUIRE REVISION) • Patient not in compliance with recommendations in regards to issues such as smoking, alcohol, or drug use, or excessive sun exposure will negatively impact the result. (WAIVES US FROM REVISION POLICY) • Failure to comply with post-operative instructions including activity restrictions or usage of compression garments (IN HOSPITAL, HOTEL AND DURING AFTERCARE. THIS WAIVES US FROM REVISION POLICY) • Failure to protect the surgical site (WAIVES US FROM REVISION POLICY) • Weight loss patients commonly have loss of skin tone/elasticity or severe skin laxity which can lead to recurrent sagging or tissue stretch and thinning. In these cases, it will be the surgeon’s criteria if a patient applies for a revision. • Weight fluctuation or pregnancy after surgery (WAIVES US FROM REVISION POLICY) • Comorbid conditions which can lead to delayed healing, open wounds, or skin loss. • The body’s natural response to the suture material utilized in each individual, can lead to spitting sutures, dehiscent wounds or healing complications. If you are having liposuction and fat transfer procedures, please consider that additional liposuction or fat transfer do not qualify as revisions. This applies as well for implant exchange when wanting a bigger size of implants, or for Muscle repair. Neither of these cases will be covered by our revision policy. Cosmetic surgery is expensive: operating room fees, anesthesia and supplies such as implants are overhead fees before your surgeon receives any sort of payment or surgeon fee. Maintenance surgery, revision, or dealing with complications are always the patient’s financial responsibility. If the funds are not available in these circumstances, the patient should not have the procedure done in the first place. Cosmetic surgery is purely elective. Therefore, it is a patient’s responsibility to deal with any sequels or maintenance that may be required. We hope that no complication arises and no revisional surgery is necessary in your case. However, no plastic surgeon can guarantee this to their patients. It is important for the patient undergoing an elective surgical procedure to understand this financial policy. If you have any questions regarding this policy, the office staff would be happy to discuss it with you.

Refund and cancellation policy

Surgery Deposits are non refundable

If a patient requires to Cancel their surgery date, they will be refunded for their payments minus the $1000.00 deposit.

Procedure refunds

Once services are rendered or products sold, there are no refunds. Surgery and non-surgical procedures come with no warranty (guaranteed or implied) of any certain result. Perceived lack of improvement in one’s condition does not translate into any type of refund.

If you cannot keep your surgery appointment, and the date is more than 2 months away, please contact us so we may reschedule you and accommodate those patients who are waiting for a surgery appointment.. If you do not cancel or reschedule your surgery or appointment with at least 2 months notice, a scheduling fee of $300.00 USD will be applied and is non-refundable. If you reschedule your procedure with 30 days or less notice, a “last minute” fee of $1000.00 USD will be applied and is non-refundable. If you do not reschedule your surgery date and do not show up the day of your surgery without notice, you will lose your $1000.00 USD deposit. Patients that reschedule once within the specified metrics mentioned, will have the option to reschedule, but will not be able to request a refund for their deposit. If the patient reschedules more than once, a fee of 1000.00 USD equivalent to their deposit will be applied and the patient will have to resubmit a deposit to schedule a date.

If your surgery needs to be rescheduled due to medical reasons, each case will be individually evaluated by our administration team.

Extenuating circumstances policy (Including COVID 19)

This extenuating circumstances policy covers our patients with eligible scheduled dates who are impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and cannot fly or arrive to surgery due to government or medical regulations. If your surgery date is covered by this policy, you’ll have the option to reschedule your reservation without penalties after reviewing and approving your case. If you require a cancellation and are covered by this policy, only a $200.00 USD recuperation fee will be applied and the remaining deposit balance will be refunded.